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American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP)

ACCP Vision: As the global leader in providing education in cardiopulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, the ACCP will promote diversity to optimize health, advance patient care, and support research while fostering health equity.

ACCP Mission: To promote the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research.

Founded in 1935 to focus on the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, the ACCP broadened its focus to include the treatment and preventions of all diseases of the chest, including lung cancer. The ACCP's flagship peer-reviewed publication, CHEST was created to disseminate knowledge relating to chest diseases. Today, CHEST is considered the leading cardiopulmonary journal and is an essential resource to medical professionals across a variety of specialties including pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. CHEST is proud to publish important, cutting-edge research in the area of lung cancer. The ACCP's philanthropic arm, The CHEST Foundation, creates educational programs, supports research, and raises public awareness about diseases of the chest and prevention.

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Learn more about The CHEST Foundation's OneBreath campaign.

Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven

A hallmark of the Yale Thoracic Oncology Program (TOP) is the close multispecialty interaction that results in decision-making based on collective knowledge and judgment. This is increasingly important as lung cancer care becomes more and more complex. This complexity is also evident in the 7th edition of the lung cancer stage classification, which is something that even an experienced group such as the Yale TOP team need help to remember.

In keeping with the Yale TOP program’s commitment to using technology and science to optimize care the TOP team set out to develop an interactive tool, available on the go, to navigate the intricacies of the new stage classification. This project was conceived and led by Anthony W, Kim MD with assistance from Frank Detterbeck MD, but represents a collective effort of the entire TOP team. The project benefitted from an outstanding collaborative relationship with the American College of Chest Physicians and the technologic expertise of SiNae Pitts Ph.D. CEO of Amphetamobile. We hope this is of value to you as it has been for us.

Thoracic Oncology Program Team at Yale


Amphetamobile sprang from the desire to build user-friendly online and mobile tools to further science, technology and medicine. Founded by SiNae Pitts, PhD, our passion is for creating user-centric, elegant technology that features the highest quality content, is online, mobile and good for the world.

Amphetamobile is a one-stop shop for web, mobile web, and native mobile application development, design, and consulting. AMMO, for short, has developed mobile publishing platforms for periodical, textbook, image bank, and Q/A content, which are customized and developed in partnership with leading international publishers. We are particularly proud of our long standing relationship with ACCP, who have been a front-running society in delivering scholarly, educational and certification content on mobile. ACCP's leadership and support for developing new tools such as this microsite, helps clinicians and students make meaningful use of these traditionally published lung cancer staging guidelines. Facilitating experts, such as Drs. Anthony Kim and Frank Detterbeck, to compose new tools, calculators and sites, and AMMO to bring them to life, will do much for the dissemination of knowledge and the future of medicine that is evidence based, expertly edited and reviewed, and professionally and thoughtfully designed and delivered. We all welcome your thoughts and feedback on the microsite, which you can send to: staginglungcancer@amphetamobile.com

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